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[all candidates] DPL term duration

I'm writing this prompted by some of the lines written by Gergely and
Moray in the "about a DPL board" thread.

One of the difficulties I perceive we have seen over the years is the
time it takes to transfer the know-how and work rhythm from an
outgoing DPL to an incoming one. Several of our DPLs have repeated
their term. In the past, when I was a new DD, there was this strange
and sad tendency that after finishing their DPL term, DPLs tended to
leave the project (or strongly reduce their involvement) — I *think*
there is some correlation with the DPL task pickup burnout time, which
can be an important portion of the term.

We have seen some discussions in the past regarding whether the term
should be lengthened to two years, with a mid-term referendum (or
chance to politely step down) rather than full election procedure. How
would you feel about it? Would you prefer the term to be stated as a
longer "journey", or is one year the right duration? Would you be
interested in pushing for this change?

There is, of course, also the personal committment: Of course, if you
were to push for two years, and we got the change accepted... Would
you hold your bid committing two years of your life to leading the

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