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Re: All candidates: Development and technical issues and challenges

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 3:30 AM, Moray Allan wrote:

> Earlier removals: I wonder if removing RC-buggy packages much earlier in the
> freeze would help -- even if it's logically no different to saying they will
> be removed later, it might wake up maintainers into bug-fixing action
> faster, and especially maintainers of packages that are removed due to their
> dependencies.

Removing packages in the freeze is way too late, they should be
removed from testing in an (semi-)automated fashion during the whole
release cycle. IIRC the release team are planning on doing this and
have done it manually in the past.

> Flag up RC bugs: To tackle things earlier in the cycle, perhaps we could
> push use of some tools[1] that more actively flag up new RC-buggy packages
> to users of testing?

There is apt-listbugs but does that work for things like PackageKit or



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