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All candidates: Development and technical issues and challenges

Gegerly, Moray, and Lucas:

We're currently in the middle of a freeze for the next release. We've
been in this release since June 30. That's over eight months. That's a
long time, even for a project the size of Debian. Releasing when we're
ready is all well and good, but it's a problem when it takes us so long
to get ready.

In your opinion, what are the fundamental reasons the release freeze is so
long, and so painful, and what do you propose to do, as DPL, to fix them?

What other development process problems do you see, ones that do not
directly affect the freeze, but make the development of Debian less
productive or less interesting?

Finally, what are the main technical challenges you see for Debian in
the next five years and what should we, as a project, do about them?

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