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Re: All candidates: Development and technical issues and challenges

On 2013-03-12 07:17, Paul Wise wrote:
Removing packages in the freeze is way too late, they should be
removed from testing in an (semi-)automated fashion during the whole
release cycle. IIRC the release team are planning on doing this and
have done it manually in the past.

Indeed -- I should really have said something like "much earlier in the release cycle".

There is apt-listbugs but does that work for things like PackageKit or

I'll be interested to hear what tools already exist that I've missed. Then the challenge is to get them onto more machines in such a way that people pay attention to what they say. Normally people are installing/updating packages because they're trying to achieve some goal, and they won't tend to interrupt that to debug issues that might be mentioned in messages there. For some contributors, a popup notification about new RC bugs like existing "upgrades are available" ones might be useful, though clearly for many users this would just be an unhelpful worry.


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