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Re: More votes in Debian? Any idea for improvement?

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 09:34:05AM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Anthony Towns <ajt@master.debian.org> writes:

> > Personally, I would put this down to Debian simply not having any
> > contentious decisions to make. I haven't been following Debian as
> > closely as I once did, though, so perhaps I just haven't seen them.

> > I wonder if anyone can name three "big" controversies over the past few
> > years that have gotten resolved within Debian?

> Multiarch.  (Okay, we're not done yet, but we're a lot of the way along.)
> The DEP5 copyright format.  Build hardening flags.  How to implement
> build-arch (again, not done yet, but we do have a decision that I expect
> to be implemented shortly).

> My guess is that at least multiarch and build hardening would have become
> GRs about five years ago.

None of these except possibly build-arch (which I don't think many
people actually care about) seem at all controversial.  The issues with
all these things seem to be more to do with actually getting the work
done rather than any great debates.

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