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More votes in Debian? Any idea for improvement?


If you see projects like Openstack or oVirt (sorry for the examples
taken from my area of expertise...), they have elections every 6 months
for project leaders in this or that area of the project.

In Debian, we just elect a DPL, and then we hope that he appoints people
who then can make decisions on the behalf of Debian.

I feel strange that such a big project as Debian appears to work in a
less democratic way than some software which has adopted open governance
(truth, this is the new hype, but still...).

I see no reason why we couldn't have more direct appointments for key
positions in Debian. I feel like it would be possible to have more
democratic, ways to do things, with direct votes.

Also, on the opposite side, the DPL is currently having to appoint
regularly others, which is only a formal thing and is sometimes a
useless loss of time (maybe Zack can tell a bit more about this in a
better English than mine...).

What are the improvements in this area that our 2012 candidates foresee?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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