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Re: planet.debian.org is RC buggy (?)

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 06:57:41PM +0100, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
>     May be some content could be moved to collaborative media, bts, etc
>     May be some "I am doing something" post could be turned into a news
>     May be that allowing comments should be a best practice

"A corporate blog is just like a personal blog, except you don't get to
use the word 'motherfucker'"
                -- Mark Pilgrim

Similarly, a project's planet is just an aggregation of personal blogs,
so they might use 'motherfucker' sometimes.

If you think some content should be moved, address the relevant people
(as zack mentioned).  Whether or not people should allow comments is out
of scope for planet, as-in, it is the personal preference of the
respective Debian contributor.

The proper fix would be to make the other Debian announce channels more
attractive to developers, so that they do not want or have to resort to
their blogs for announcements.  Or maybe just point them to them, if
those channels have indeed improved and we just need to convince people
that this is the case.


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