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planet.debian.org is RC buggy (?)

Dear candidates,

[I don't intend to start a flame war, but I do have venom for planets]

planet.d.o has became one of the most visible media for Debian, if not
the most visible one. Do you think it is a good thing?

DFSG / rc-buggy
I consider blogs as non-free, proprietary material (a very few have a
proper license, the "distribution" media s*cks anyway).

Breaks DFSG #1: A document (HowTo...) published on planet can't be
distributed in Debian main. Is this a problem?

Breaks DFSG #3: Derived work aren't allowed. In the few case where it is
legally possible, it is difficult to merge and publish the updated
version. Is this a problem?

Breaks DFSG #2: No source for stuffs like charts and graphs (HTML is a
valid source here). Is this a problem?

Replying to a blog entry is very difficult. The replies and the original
posted aren't available side-by-side. The comments aren't available on
Debian planet (a kind of censorship). Actually, some blog even forbid
comments! Is this a problem?

The content isn't archived. Is this a problem? a feature?

Do you think Debian Planet reflects the fact that Debian is a community
where people collaborate? Do you think planet encourage collaboration?

Do you think Debian Planet reflects the fact that Debian encourages to
constitute teams? Do you think planet encourage that?

Do you see a shift in recognizing people for their communication skill
(and/or committed time to communicate), rather that their actual work?

What would you suggest and/or do?

Sorry for that pretty long mail I wanted to make myself clear. Do not
feel like you have to reply each and every question ;)


P.S. Kudos for people behind "Debian News" (Ana Guerrero).

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