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Re: planet.debian.org is RC buggy (?)

Le samedi 27 mars 2010 à 13:39 +0100, Frank Lin PIAT a écrit : 
> DFSG / rc-buggy
> ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
> I consider blogs as non-free, proprietary material (a very few have a
> proper license, the "distribution" media s*cks anyway).
> Breaks DFSG #1: A document (HowTo...) published on planet can't be
> distributed in Debian main. Is this a problem?

So are mailing list contents.

> Breaks DFSG #3: Derived work aren't allowed. In the few case where it is
> legally possible, it is difficult to merge and publish the updated
> version. Is this a problem?

So are mailing list contents.

> Breaks DFSG #2: No source for stuffs like charts and graphs (HTML is a
> valid source here). Is this a problem?

So are mailing list attachments.

Do you want to close lists.debian.org too?

> Opacity
> ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
> Replying to a blog entry is very difficult. The replies and the original
> posted aren't available side-by-side. The comments aren't available on
> Debian planet (a kind of censorship). Actually, some blog even forbid
> comments! Is this a problem?

You are making your point weaker by using words out of their meaning and
context. Disallowing comments is not censorship. It has nothing to do
with censorship. 

> The content isn't archived. Is this a problem? a feature?

That would indeed make a nice improvement to have such a feature, but it
would require authorization from all copyright owners.

An alternative solution would be to index the contents and make the
history searchable. I don’t think this requires any authorization if we
don’t store the archived posts themselves, only permanent links to them.

Overall, I’m curious to why you are asking such questions as part of the
DPL campaign. Do you feel the DPL should give have authority over what
services *.debian.org provides? This would be way out of the

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