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Re: Question to the candidates

[ oops, looks like this one has slipped through the cracks of my mutt ]

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 11:49:53PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> As a developer, how do you embody the spirit and culture that has made
> Debian a great operating system?

I surely don't claim to embody all of the spirit and culture of Debian:
I believe it is a kind of collective spirit/culture, a share of which
I'm proud to hold.

For once, I see as some of the Debian founding values: freedom,
collaboration, and volunteer "service" to others. These are some of the
defining values in my life, not only as a geek. I think this is why I'm
that enthusiastic about Debian, and why it is unsurprising for me to end
up talking about Debian when I'm asked what I do in life by a stranger:
it is one of the few things that I'll surely mention.

More specifically, what I think is most characteristic of my Debian life
is that I'm a good team player. I'm way more productive, and excited
about what I do, when I work with others rather than alone.

I think to have other traits that are useful in community-building
(e.g. I'm thoughtful, listen to others, ready to change my mind when
presented with good arguments, and generally calm), but I won't say that
those are somehow specific to Debian spirit/culture, they are more
general in any kind of community.

> If elected DPL, how will you inspire the same in others?

By example, being ready to admit when I myself have set a bad standard.


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