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Re: Question for Charles Plessy (was: No answer for insulting and accusatory emails.)

Le Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 08:12:17PM +0000, Neil McGovern a écrit :
> The position of DPL attracts rather a lot of press attention. This at
> times will be accusatory, inflamatory and downright rude. Welcome to the
> world of journalism.
> Do you intend to ignore these, or just ones from developers?

Hi Neil,

I think I remember discussions where people were disapointed about what
journalists have put in the DPL's mouth. For written interviews, I seriously
consider to post my answers first on -private for comments.

For something completely unrelated to Debian, I have done a phone interview in
the past.  While the result was not too bad, the journalist was definitely in a
strong position to lead the discussion in a way that produces quite predictable
answers. If I am elected DPL, I will decline that kind of interviews.

If after all these precautions, there is an article that still deforms what I
said or wrote, then yes, depending on the situation I may ignore it according
to the importance of the media, perhaps after consulting the DDs on
debian-private. Internet is very big, and to try to correct things that are
written there often has the effect to make them more visible.

Have a nice day,


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