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To all candidates: personal mentoring

Dear candidates,

With respect to attracting new contributors, please ponder the idea of a
formal one-on-one mentoring scheme (as opposed to one-off interactions via

I do realise that personal mentorship takes time; that's a reason to set
criteria [1] and thresholds on who gets to have a mentor [2], instead of not
considering the idea all together.

I'd think that, in addition to encouraging more contributors to commit, this
would also improve Debian's perception as a welcoming place, and new
contributors' feeling of belonging to the project ("would anybody even notice
if I were ran down by a bus?")

Or maybe not.

What do /you/ think?


[0] related talk for inspiration: http://2009.r2.co.nz/20100118/50249.htm
[1] say, only people that want to eventually become DDs
[2] random idea: any outsider that's fixed X bugs

debtags-organised WNPP bugs: http://members.hellug.gr/serzan/wnpp

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