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Re: All candidates: Membership procedures

su, 2009-03-22 kello 17:01 +0100, Luk Claes kirjoitti:
> I think we first have to think about what a member, if we need different
> types of access/members and what they would be before thinking about the
> process(es) to become a member. I do think for instance that
> contributers who spend a lot of effort in Debian (like for instance some
> translators) should be able to become a member and so be able to vote.

Translators can already become members of the project, as far as I know.

For the rest of your answer, I must admit I remain in the unclear about
what you think, Luk: the questions you raise are certainly questions
that should be raised in this discussion, but do you have answers or
opinions on them, even if preliminary? I'm not looking anything set in
stone, but I'd like to know what the candidates think on these issues.
Do you think the current process if mostly fine, or you think it needs
to be scrapped and re-created from scratch? Or something else?

I'd also be fine with an answer just saying that it's not an issue the
candidate has spent much time thinking about, and so does not have an
opinion on it at the current time.

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