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Re: All candidates: Membership procedures

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> su, 2009-03-22 kello 17:01 +0100, Luk Claes kirjoitti:
>> I think we first have to think about what a member, if we need different
>> types of access/members and what they would be before thinking about the
>> process(es) to become a member. I do think for instance that
>> contributers who spend a lot of effort in Debian (like for instance some
>> translators) should be able to become a member and so be able to vote.
> Translators can already become members of the project, as far as I know.

It's already possible, though not it's not very known nor easy for a
translator to become a DD AFAIK.

> For the rest of your answer, I must admit I remain in the unclear about
> what you think, Luk: the questions you raise are certainly questions
> that should be raised in this discussion, but do you have answers or
> opinions on them, even if preliminary? I'm not looking anything set in
> stone, but I'd like to know what the candidates think on these issues.
> Do you think the current process if mostly fine, or you think it needs
> to be scrapped and re-created from scratch? Or something else?

*The* current process is not very obvious to me as there is the DM
process for limited upload rights and the NM process to become a DD
(access to machines, upload rights, voting rights, some extra benefits
like the email address).

I think it's wrong to make totally separate processes with gross hacks
in core tools of our infrastructure to support multiple types of membership.

So I do think that the questions I posed are to be answered first before
rethinking details in the processes: there first needs to be a global
picture. I do think that the current DD and DM statuses are not the only
types of membership there should be or not necessarily in its current form.



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