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All candidates: Membership procedures

la, 2009-03-21 kello 01:42 +0000, Steve McIntyre kirjoitti:
> P.S. Damn, just read Zack's answer and we don't seem to differ very
> much. Oh well... :-)

Dear Zack McIntyre, Steve Claes, and Luk Zacchiroli,

What's your opinion on membership procedures?

Last year there were some rough proposals for how to change the
membership procedures. It started with Joerg's proposal, but other
people suggested their own kinds of changes, including me. I feel that
my approach and Joerg's are pretty much diametrically opposed. What's
your opinion? Do you feel the current NM process works well and almost
always selects for the kind of people that are really great for Debian? 
Would some other kind of process work better? What kind of membership
process would you like to see in Debian in, say, a year from now? Please
feel free to dream, there's no point in being too constricted by reality
and practical considerations.

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