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Re: Call for seconds: DFSG violations in Lenny


Andreas Barth schrieb:
> In case any of the proposals get enough seconds, I would propose then:
> | Debian's priorities are our users and free software. We don't trade them
> | against each other. However during getting an release out of the door,
> | decisions need to be done how to get a rock stable release of the high
> | quality Debian is known for, release more or less on time, and to
> | minimize the usage of problematic software. We acknoledge that there
> | is more than just one minefield our core developers and the release team
> | are working at.
> | 
> | We as Developers at large continue to trust our release team to follow
> | all these goals, and therefor encourage them to continue making
> | case-by-case-decisions as they consider fit, and if necessary
> | authorize these decisions.

Should you need to propose this, consider it seconded by me.

Should you do a s/acknoledge/acknowledge/ and/or s/therefor/therefore/
I'll still second it.

Best regards,

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