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Re: Draft ballot for Proceedural Vote: Suspension of the changes of the Project's membership procedures.

On Sat, 01 Nov 2008, Jurij Smakov wrote:

> > For reference, this will now not take place, as the original GR has been
> > amended to not include the decision reversal text.
> I find it mildly entertaining that this vote did not take place 
> because apparently it takes "a couple of days, [...] and sometimes 
> longer" [0] to set up an "immediate" vote.

Also note that 2K seconds puts any decision by a delegate on hold.  The
immediate vote then is held to see if it stays on hold until the real GR
is done.  So the only person who'd be in his rights to complain is
Joerg and he publicly said that he didn't need this immediate vote.

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