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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

On Sat, Oct 25 2008, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Agreed, if we can make a dent in the non-free stuff in a reasonably
> short period. Then it'll work fine. If we delay too long, then we'll
> leave many of our users in their (current) worse situation and (even
> worse) we'll be more likely to be push many of them towards installing
> other (even less free) systems instead.

        At this point, I'd be perfectly satisfied if Ben Hutchings work
 was vetted and we consider it as the basis for the lenny kernel
 images. It handles most of the issues in the kernel image itself.

        I must confess ignorance of what it would take in the
 debian-installer to accommodate the changes. If it turns out that 2-3
 monhts is not enough to make the changes in the installer, and we fail
 the "short period" test, then I would be happy with an GR and
 announcement like we made for etch, that we failed to quite meet the
 DFSG free kernel, but we fixed all the issues we knew about in the etch
 timeframe, and the new blobs were only recently discovered, too late to
 make the release.

        I do not want the perception to spread that we have become so
 blase about releasing non-free bits in main that it comes under
 "business as usual" rules here.

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