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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

On Sat, Oct 25 2008, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> There's also the argument that the sooner we release Lenny with the
> improvements that *have* been made, the sooner the people using stable
> will be able to move away from whatever non-free stuff they've been
> stuck with in Etch.

        I think this is logically weak. Lenny will be stable for a long
 time; if we can assess the new patches in, say, 4-8 weeks, we have
 people runing stable with non-free stuff in them that they have had for
 years, but allow them to have a free kernel for the next tweo years ro

        I think that continuing to use non-free stuff for 3 months -- vs
 using non-free stuff for wo more years -- and we are unlikely to
 release for at least another month, or more, given the trending of the
 RC bugs, and adding in the fact that we'll be delivering on the promise
 made in the SC to best of our ability, I think waiting makes a whole
 lot of sense.

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