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Re: Final call for votes for the debian project leader election 2008

Luk Claes wrote:
> Everything that is sent as secretary@d.o is seen as official posts from
> the project just like things sent from dpl@d.o only in different
> capacities...

Some DPLs have found it useful to use the DPL email alias to lend more
importance to what they're saying, or avoid using it to avoid lending
importance to what they're saying. Others have happily carried out DPL
activities using their personal weblog. In either case it's still the
person who's leading the project speaking, and if they feel expressing
their personal opinions is a good way to lead the project, good for

If we wanted the project secretary to be a small perl script, one could
be written. I prefer Manoj.

> I guess I also should send some personal opinions about some packages
> (or maybe even maintainers) in the Bits from the Release Team...

That would probably be helpful in some cases.

see shy jo

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