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Re: Technical committee resolution

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 22:55:37 -0400, Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> said: 
> Unfortunately, it seems to me that currently the project has no way of
> dealing with people who refuse to look at new ways of doing things.

        Sure. The project has no way of dealing with people who are
 supremely susceptible to argumentum ad antiquitatem.

        We also do not know how to deal with people who are susceptible
 to argumentum ad novitatem.

        Or argumentum ad populum, argumentum ad numerum, Argumentum ad
 ignorantiam  ...

        Your point is?

> It is true that "drop the oldest person" is randomish.  What we have
> now is *equally* random; it presumes that the person already on the
> committee is a better member than anyone else that could be found.

        Hmm? I am not sure who else but you is making the argument,
 really.  There has always been support for selecting the "best" person
 once can convince to serve. However, in Debian, as in many volunteer
 organizations, there are a lot of people serving in official capacities
 in Debian who are indeed not better than anyone else that can be found.
 They merely happen to have stood up to be counted, and often are doing
 a good enough job -- and we certainly do not turf such volunteers f
 there are "better" people who can possibly be found.

        All this replacement in favour of a better person sounds very
 nasty, mean, and likely to be highly subjective to me, and most
 organizations do not often throw people out while they are still
 performing their duties.

        The tech ctte has apparently not being measuing up -- so we
 should first look to see who has not participating, and use that as a
 criteria for determining who to replace.

        The creiteria can be more than just voting on issues -- look for
 number of emails on threads on a issue raised, number of emails sent to
 the bug report, number of "fact finding" or "research" or survey or
 report mails in that mix.

> I suggest that the best way to have good people on the committee is to
> have some process by which one person or group of people get to decide
> that it's time to replace person X with person Y, and not simply wait
> around for person X to resign.

        Sure. As long as we are not just flipping coins or tossing dice.
 My objection has always been to the dice rolling bits, not the
 debriding of the ctte.

        And we did not always wait for people to resign.  Gentle
 prodding with the prospect of unilateral action to remove has worked in
 the past.

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