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Re: All Candidates: Do you plan to be prominently visible during your term?


On Saturday 15 March 2008 22:40, Marc Haber wrote:
> Additionally, it may be a good idea to have regular "IRC conferences"
> where the DPL is available to answer questions. A good time would
> probably be a week after bits have been posted so that the questions
> that the bits have raised can be answered. But that's only an idea,
> not a "must", as long as the regular "bits" actually appear.

I actually like the idea. "IRC conference" might sound a bit too much, rather 
something like "IRC feedback time" or such... 

I think by making it less formal, its more likely the DPL wants to do such a 
thing :-)

OTOH, anyone can reply via mail to the bits... hm.


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