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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2008: Marc Brockschmidt

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 01:19:32PM +0100, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 09:22:19PM +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@ftwca.de> wrote: [...]
> > > I have contacted a few people about helping out with the tasks above
> > > (and some I plan to contact) but I can't hand out a definite list of
> > > people who are willing to help me at this time. [...]
> > 
> > Campaigning on debian-vote *and* canvassing for help?  Is this really
> > what aj meant by "summarise their plans for their term"?
> No, this is just answering a question.  Do you suggest that he should
> have delayed the answer until campaining would be allowed?

I can't speak for anyone else, of course, but yes, that's what I think
Marc should've done.

> > If the project is minded to allow such discussion during nominations,
> > we should shorten the discussion-only period, instead of claiming
> > there's some convention that campaigning is limited to the campaign
> > period.
> I don't really remember the exact periods, and what is supposed to
> happen when.  (And I don't care enough to look it up.)  What is the
> reason we would want a campainless period during nominations?

It could persuade people to nominate themselves (nor dissuade them from
doing so) because they like or dislike one of the other candidates --
such a person would be nominating themselves (or refraining to do so)
for very wrong reasons. That cannot be a good thing, ever.

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