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[VAC] Away for the end of the nomination period

Hi folks,

        I'll be away from now until mid-day Sunday, and, weather
 permitting, only about 20 hours after the end of the nomination
 period. I have asked for and recieved offers of help to put up any
 platforms for people who self nominate in these couple of days; but
 I'll be unable to send official emails announcing that the nomination
 period is over and the discussion period would start.

        I am hoping that the email is not really required, since people
 involved in the process should know the time line anyway. Nevertheless,
 I do apologize for being late sending that message, in advance.

        If some kind person would email debian-devel-announce on Sunday
 March 9th 00:01 UTC, and announce that the nomination period is over, I
 would appreciate it.

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