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Debian Project Leader Elections 2008: Marc Brockschmidt

   Dear Debian,

            .:%%%%%%%:.     .:%%%%%%%:.
          .%::::'''::::%. .%::::'''::::%.
         .%::'       ':::%:::'       '::%.
         %::.     Roses are red,      .::%
         %::.   Violets are purple,   .::% 
         '%:: It is today time I said ::%'
           '%:. I candidate for DPL!.:%'
             '%:.                 .:%'
               '%:::.         .:::%'
                  '%:::.   .:::%'

[stolen from <20070214152151.GA29792@zoy.org>]

I would like to point out that I had already resolved not to run for DPL
this time due to the small amount of free time available to me in the
next year. I will *not* make being DPL my top priority in the next year,
real life issues (finishing my studies, most notably) are more important
to me. Electing me as DPL will also reduce the time I can spend on
release tasks, new maintainer stuff and package maintainance. If you
can't decide between me an another candidate who is more committed, rank
me lower on your ballot.


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