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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2008: Marc Brockschmidt

MJ Ray dijo [Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 04:16:15PM +0000]:
> > I think this is not a real issue.  Do you feel we lose volunteer time
> > because people are campaining during the year?
> Well, for example, Marc Brockschmidt has spent time writing a
> platform, canvassing and campaigning, which he suggested he would not
> have done if an acceptable candidate had already nominated.  If an
> acceptable candidate is nominated now, we've lost that time.  We could
> try to save that sort of time by rewarding early nominations with more
> campaigning opportunities, by officially killing the convention
> against campaigning during nominations.

In any case, I hope (haven't read it yet) Marc's platform - But so
far, I think, loser candidates' platforms have not been a waste of
time. DPL platforms serve also as a thermometer of Debian's current
situation - and (of course, adding some bias based on many other
factors) the ranking of each of them says what do the developer body
at large think.


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