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Re: On the "Debian Maintainers" GR

Le samedi 28 juillet 2007 à 19:55 +0100, Matthew Garrett a écrit :
> Sure, "Don't quit Debian then" is a valid response (though I'm perhaps 
> old-fashioned in terms of thinking that as a full member of an 
> organisation I have a duty to participate in its democratic process, 
> which I'm not enthusiastic about) 

Given e.g. usual vote statistics, there are a number of developers who
simply maintain their packages without any care for the political side
of Debian, so it looks feasible, provided that you aren't too
emotionally attached to the project per se.

On the other side, I understand that some people have *issues* with how
politics and social relationships are managed in Debian, but in this
case I don't understand why they would want to go on contributing to the
project. (And I still don't understand why He Who Shall Not Be Named
still wants to contribute to the project.)

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