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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Em Sex, 2007-06-22 às 17:52 +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst escreveu:
> They are in NM, so have the intention to become a DD soon.

If I did not completely fail to understand the proposal, it is not only
about people in NM willing to become DDs. As previously mentioned, being
a Debian Developer involves very broad knowledge, deep understanding of
some things etc., which might not be needed for people who just want to
care for their packages. This does not mean their packages will be lower
quality, it just means that DDs are entitled to some rights these
"Debian Maintainers" would be willing to wave.

> They can 
> appearently be trusted to make unchecked uploads. In that case they'll be 
> DD's soon. If that does not happen, the NM process needs to be fixed, not a 
> separate procedure introduced to span the time between NM-ready-for-uploading 
> and account creation.

Exactly because of these other responsibilities and possibilities which
people who go through the full NM process have, there is more to NM than
just being able to correctly package one or two pieces of software (yes,
even though the NM process has a number of bottlenecks, it does not mean
they are at fault for every application which is taking long).

> We've seen in the past that capable people can pass through NM very quickly, 
> where most of the waiting is for FD, DAM approval. If the need is really 
> high, people can and are already be fasttracked.

Just like fast tracking is an exception to the rule, as Steve pointed
out, passing through all the steps "very quickly" also is, AFAICT. NM is
time-consuming, and it should be. However, someone just willing to "do
their part" by maintaining a couple of packages in the archive without
the burden of going through a sponsor need not be able to carefully
analyse a thousand lines of broken licenses or understand binary formats
and complicated library packaging, which I think this proposal might
help address.

Guilherme de S. Pastore

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