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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On Friday 22 June 2007 16:50, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Not for the benefit of that developer, but for our benefit.  I have no fear
> at all of Matthew Garrett doing an incompetent job of preparing packages;
> why should we make it hard for *Debian* to take advantage of his
> contributions?

Just to get things clear here: is Matthew Garrett actually interested in such 
a feature? As I understand his parting message, he left the project because 
he felt uncomfortable here and he didn't want to limit himself to just the 
superficial contact that you're describing. Of course I cannot read his mind, 
so that's why I ask.

> (Repeat this argument x times for all the NMs we currently have that are
> already being trusted to prepare their own packages for sponsorship, with
> no real review by the sponsors)

They are in NM, so have the intention to become a DD soon. They can 
appearently be trusted to make unchecked uploads. In that case they'll be 
DD's soon. If that does not happen, the NM process needs to be fixed, not a 
separate procedure introduced to span the time between NM-ready-for-uploading 
and account creation.

We've seen in the past that capable people can pass through NM very quickly, 
where most of the waiting is for FD, DAM approval. If the need is really 
high, people can and are already be fasttracked.

I acknowledge that it would be marginally easier for Debian if some NM's who 
are only waiting for some procedural stamps could upload themselves. I do not 
think that that causes so much overhead for the project that it would warrant 
a separate layer and procedure, which will bring overhead in itself (I've 
heard mentions of keyring maintainers coming from 5 different groups, 
a "sponsorship team", etc).


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