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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 06:22:16PM +0100, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The NM process is about making new DDs -- who participate fully in
> the project, and understand and agree with its goals. Not every useful
> contributor to Debian actually wants that status -- Matthew Garrett's one
> example of a former DD who'd like to contribute to Debian without being
> a DD, and this is a way of making that more effective. Likewise there are
> plenty of people who'd like to make a small contribution to Debian without
> having to obtain the level of knowledge and experience we expect of DDs.

 Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable with people who would like to
upload packages to our pool that don't understand and agree with our
goals?  Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable with creating a status
for people without a certain level of knowledge for uploading packages
into our pool?

 Sorry, AJ, your idea didn't sound too bad in the beginning - but if
this is your reasoning for making it, I can but just turn it down.  I by
no means want to have even yet lower quality and standards in the pool
that we already have unfortunately with some of our packages.  And
besides, if this is really your proposal then I'm definitely missing the
part where it says that those people are _not_ allowed to maintain
central packages and/or packages/libraries with a certain amount of
reverse dependencies.

> Marc, who made the -devel-announce post I linked to is a member of
> Front Desk, and seemed to think implementing something like this would
> be a good approach to improving n-m

 I wouldn't object if that would had been your intention.  But, as you
said above, you clearly want people that don't understand and agree to
our goals, or don't have/want enough knowledge about Debian.

 So long,

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