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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On 21.06.2007 15:50 schrieb Anthony Towns:
> Hey all,
> So here's a proposal for the Debian Maintainers idea that's been floating
> around for some time now [0]. I've drafted it while lying in bed in
> the Budget Backpackers before wandering up to debconf, so it's just my
> take on things, and could probably do with some improvements. As nobody
> else has seen it 'til now, it shouldn't be taken as implicitly having
> anyone's support.
> I've used terms like "initial policy" quite a bit -- I figure it
> makes sense to do the reasonably small step of letting people maintain
> specific packages in the archive without being full developers, rather
> than trying to add in other goals "revamp the new-maintainer process"
> or "let non-DD contributors (eg translators) vote" at the same time.

Sorry, but why don't we improve our New Maintainer (NM) process instead
of adding yet another layer of bureaucracy?

Why don't we just grant NMs the same rights as you proposed for the new
Debian Maintainer (DM) class after they have been advocated (or after
T&S)? That would make much more sense to me: The NM process wouldn't be
so boring and painfully slow anymore since you're already allowed to
upload (nothing NEW and no voting rights yet of course) and the overall
NM frustration level would be much lower since you already can do most
of the stuff you'll do later anyway.

Some argue that not everyone wants to become a Debian Developer (DD) and
some would rather be the DM you proposed. Although I doubt that, I
wonder what's so bad about becoming a DD? When you're a DM all you have
to do to become a DD is answering a few questions and wait a long time.
If you fail to answer the questions, then you shouldn't be allowed to
upload anyway. And with the DD don't come any extra duties you don't
already have as DM, just a few more rights.

So, why such a complicated GR introducing second class DDs? Just grant a
few more rights to our NMs and try to improve the NM process in the long
run and everybody will be happy.



Bastian Venthur                                      http://venthur.de
Debian Developer                                 venthur at debian org

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