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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Joey Schulze wrote:
> The NM process after all is meant to help new maintainers become
> skilled maintainers of packages.  If we want to get them maintain
> packages without going through NM we should not create a new stage
> but drop or restructure the NM process.  IMHO

The same argument could be applied to sponsoring of packages, so I don't
find it convincing..

> When somebody becomes a DM without going through the NM process and
> thus has no skills on packaging besides those required for the very
> package they started with and now wants to package $cool_kde_application
> which requires $not_so_cool_kde_libraries they also need to package
> how are they supposed to do so?

DMs are not allowed to upload new packages, so they have to find a
sponsor to review their work on the new package and upload it. If the DM
does not know enough to make a good package, the sponsor should catch

> Or are DMs only allowed to maintain the packages they started with
> as long as they haven't become more complex so that they can't
> exceed their packaging skills?

Basically yes, and of course, we tend to grow our skills as the packages
we maintain grow. Or start clearly sucking and motivate someone else to
step up and work on it.

see shy jo

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