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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > > The time involvement required to be DD is far bigger to the one required
> > > to be able to maintain properly a single package. And I don't want to
> > > lower the barrier to become DD because the role of DD are critical in
> > > the success of Debian (while the role a maintainer of a single package is
> > > not).
> > 
> > Could you explain how the "time involvement required to be DD" for
> > a person who only wants to maintain one package is higer when they
> > are a DD contrary to not being a DD?  Please ignore going through NM
> > since this is only the entry process and doesn't matter at a later stage.

Thanks for not answering my question.
Therefore I assume that the answer would be "zero", i.e. it's
the same time involvement required to maintain a package for
both a DD and a DM.  Unfortunately, this renders your argument
bogus in my opinion.

> I'm sorry I don't understand why I should ignore the NM process. 


  1  It's a one time issue even if the time period involved can be quite
     long and

  2  Didn't you say that the DM thing is not meant as workaround about
     dificiencies in the NM process?

If this thingy is only meant to bypass NM since it sucks or is pink
or whatever, just say so and the proposal will be considered as such.

The NM process after all is meant to help new maintainers become
skilled maintainers of packages.  If we want to get them maintain
packages without going through NM we should not create a new stage
but drop or restructure the NM process.  IMHO

> The skills we ask every Debian developer to have are far larger than the
> skills required to maintain a package (which uses only one languague). We
> ask DD to be able to package almost anything and to prove us that they are
> able to document themselves on any subject so that if they decide to
> package something more complex, we're confident that they'll be able to do
> it (same story for NMUs).

When somebody becomes a DM without going through the NM process and
thus has no skills on packaging besides those required for the very
package they started with and now wants to package $cool_kde_application
which requires $not_so_cool_kde_libraries they also need to package
how are they supposed to do so?

Just go ahead without knowing what to do?

Or are DMs only allowed to maintain the packages they started with
as long as they haven't become more complex so that they can't
exceed their packaging skills?

I fear that the DM thingy is just invented to get more people maintain
packages in Debian without becoming properly involved, eventually not
giving the same care a normal DDviaNM would give and thus Debian ending
up with a universe of broken packages.  That's most certainly not what
I would like Debian to become in the future.



If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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