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Re: BREAKING NEWS: Debian developers aren't trusted

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:
> Maintaining a buildd isn't trivial, there's:
>     - making sure they don't get rooted, and their builds compromised
>     - keeping the chroot up to date
>     - keeping in sync with w-b / sbuild changes
>     - keeping in sync with the infrastructure upstream (building from incoming,
>       access to the buildd.d.o, etc)

That is not a skill, it is something that neuro needs to allow.

>     - keeping the hardware available and running
>     - keeping the buildd building packages that will work
> It's not /that/ hard either (even if it's not something I could do without
> a chunk of learning), but basically, yeah there are technical
> constraints.

So where can I send my application so that I can help out with this
stuff? I think I know how to do all of the listed things.

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