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Re: Proposal - Amendment - allow hardware support from non-free into the debian system

Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel@mamane.lu> wrote:


> I've tried to consolidate all the little "I would second this if" and
> remarks that people made (and I agree to), but that MJ Ray didn't
> outright reject. How about something like that? Would in particular MJ
> Raj, Sven Luther, Julien Blache agree with this?

I agree with your enhanced version of MJ Ray's proposal, but ...

> ========================================================================
>  1. reaffirms its dedication to providing a 100% free system to
>     our users according to our Social Contract and the DFSG; and
>  2. encourages licensors of all works to make those works available
>     not only under licenses that permit modification, but also in
>     forms that make such modifications practical; and
>  3. as a special exception to help users who have hardware for which
>     no complete functioning free firmware is available, the Debian
>     installation media images may include selected firmware from
>     non-free archive, which conforms to all Debian Free Software
>     Guidelines except guideline 2 (Source Code).
> ========================================================================

... as Sven pointed out, there are still some corner cases, mostly
depending on the method used to get rid of the firmware data (ie, move
firmware to non-free vs. move driver to non-free).

Once this is all settled, I'll be OK with the proposal.


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