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Let's vote ... (Was: kernel firmwares: GR proposal)

Hi all.

We are quickly reaching the point where holding a vote on this issue and still
maintaining a timely etch release, so i believe that we should held a vote on
this issue sooner rather than later.

This GR, which was seen by Steve as orthogonal to his GR, is about the etch
release and not about more generic issues like if firmware are programs, and
or what was meant 10 years ago when the SC was coined, or how we should modify

I thus propose that we held a vote ASAP, a real vote, not a poll, about what
we are going to do about etch :

  1) postpone the non-free firmware issue as proposed in this GR proposal.
  2) delay etch until we finish discussing this issue and then implement the
  resulting course of action.

(Well, 2 is probably the status quo and further discussion, so we don't really
need another option for that, and further discussion serves just as well).

I would like to ask then that :

1) Manoj, can you propose a ballot proposal for this one ? 

2) All those who proposed other GRs, i would like your comment about this, on
wheter this is orthogonal to your proposal. I would strongly recomend that you
either vote for or against delaying this issue post-etch, and continue with
your discussion without being distracted by the issue concerning the etch
release, maybe have a larger discussion following Anthony's proposal
culminating at the Edinburg debconf'07 next july.

So, let's vote on this proposal, and then we can either continue to discuss
this without having to deal with the etch release deadlines, or delay etch
appropriately while we first discuss a solution and then implement it.


Sven Luther

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