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Re: Question for Ted Walther.

#debian-dpl-debate, last night:

01:44 <+TedWalther> JeroenVW:
   also, I've started keeping IRC logs, which include your own
   prejudiced attitudes.
01:46 <+JeroenVW> TedWalther:
   can you prove one quote where I'm discriminating based on religion?
   Permission to quote granted hereby
01:47 <+TedWalther>
   JeroenVW: not in the timeframe of this debate.  we can do it later

This list, today:

> >Would you please now produce, in public, to this list, the evidence
> >you stated to have against each person running for DPL, unedited,
> >with information on how developers can find the examples in question
> >in context wherever possible.
> I suggest you hang out on #debian-devel on IRC for a few weeks and
> observe.  If you have access to logs, then view what happened over the
> past couple years.  I don't have days to spend combing through old logs
> and stripping out little bits and deciding what bits of context to keep
> and which to throw away.  The information is all out there.
> The things I mentioned are very real, and very systemic.  The behavior
> is done casually and persistently.

For those who read Debian lists through Slashdot, what we're seeing here
is a DPL candidate accusing Jeroen, promising to provide evidence, and
then being vague when asked to do it.


Enrico curious to see what the krooger index of Debian instanity[1] will
       be this year.

[1] number of people ranking krooger above NOTA.
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