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Re: Question for Ted Walther.

"Zephaniah E. Hull" <warp@aehallh.com>
> During the debate you made a number of assertions about a number of
> others running for DPL, specificly alleging that you had specific
> evidence of religious discrimination.
> After specificly accusing Jeroen van Wolffelaar of this he asked for
> specific examples, granting you permission to pull from his posts to
> debian-private, and you stated that you could to produce such examples
> in the timeframe of the debate.

AFAICT, the OP asked me on IRC to reply to this post.

I thought that was a particularly politician-like offer to make. TTBOMK,
Jeroen van Wolffelaar has not posted such things to -private, but has said
on IRC that he supports certain -private posts that I find very offensive.
I can't identify the posts on -vote without leaking -private: I'm not
comfortable posting Message-Ids because many contain patterns which let
the public identify the poster and even some of the datelines will let
you make a good guess with simple traffic analysis of the public lists.

It's awful that there has been so much hate on -private, but we should
not break the promise of privacy. Trying to keep that promise is more
important to me than "We will not hide problems" about this: all(?) voters
can go review private 200508 and 2006* on master for themselves to see
the highlights and play "spot the candidate username". AIUI, for the
public, the 2006 dirty laundry can be aired in early 2009 unless blocked,
thanks to GR 2005-02 originally started by Anthony Towns.

Most of the time, I'll discount IRC. People vent, people say random crap
and the casual observer can't usually tell what is anger, humour, serious
or whatever. It's also frustratingly hard to correct, easy to lose threads
and there's a maze of confusingly different protocols and rules to follow
in many channels.

That's why some of Jeroen van Wolffelaar's debate comments moved him down
my preferences, but I think he's still above NOTA.

Hope that explains,
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