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Question for Ted Walther.

During the debate you made a number of assertions about a number of
others running for DPL, specificly alleging that you had specific
evidence of religious discrimination.

After specificly accusing Jeroen van Wolffelaar of this he asked for
specific examples, granting you permission to pull from his posts to
debian-private, and you stated that you could to produce such examples
in the timeframe of the debate.

Would you please now produce, in public, to this list, the evidence you
stated to have against each person running for DPL, unedited, with
information on how developers can find the examples in question in
context wherever possible.

Thank you.
Zephaniah E. Hull.
Debian Developer.

	  1024D/E65A7801 Zephaniah E. Hull <warp@aehallh.com>
	   92ED 94E4 B1E6 3624 226D  5727 4453 008B E65A 7801
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