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Re: Questions for Andreas Schuldei

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> You were very busy and I knew you and joey had issues and a hard
> time working together. In the same IRC conversation I first asked
> Anthony about his working relationship with Joey. He would have
> been an excellent contact point inside FTP-master to work with
> him on e.g. his stable point releases. It would have been an easy
> and smooth way to avoid conflicts between you and Joey in that
> respect in the future. Unfortunatly I learned that could not work
> for personal reasons, either. I think I did not ask Ryan to help
> you and Joey out since I knew already from Joey that the two did
> not get along so well. I am not sure, though. Have you asked
> Ryan? 

For what it's worth, I don't have a personal problem with either James
or Ryan.  My problems are that James and Ryan as ftpmasters are often
quite unresponsive to mail, that both as wanna-build admins have been
quite unresponsive via mail and that both as security.debian.org
infrastructure admin have been quite unresponsive via mail.

As you guessed it, mail is my preferred means of communication.  Mail
should work since this is a world-wide and international project with
different up- and downtimes of their members.

Ryan told me that I should send mail and pester him via IRC afterwards
for infrastructure/w-b issues.  That's giving me a hard time, but I'll
try to do so (there was no need for a long time, though).



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