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Re: To all candidates: delegation process


* Florian Weimer (fw@deneb.enyo.de) [060311 20:48]:
> As you might have noted, the Constitution does not spell out the
> process how a new delegation is made.  Would you please summarize the
> process you intend to follow if you are elected?  Thanks.

Well, there are two parts of the answer. The formal part, and the
social part.

First of all, I will delegate only people if they are ready for
it.  As some example, if e.g. the policy team asks me to extend
themself by someone, I will (usually) do as requested.

The formal part is: Even if the constitution doesn't specify it,
I think delegations for an ongoing area of responsibility should
be done public. It is important for the rest of the project to
know who got assigned what task and authority. I think the
delegations that actually were done publicly during the last term
were good examples of the process. A little prompter at times
would have been good, though.

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