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Re: Questions for Andreas Schuldei

* James Troup <james@nocrew.org> [2006-03-11 14:02:49]:
> Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org> writes:
> > Part of the effords to determine what option there were I asked
> > Anthony Towns if he could take the lead in the ftp-master team.
> What you in fact said, amongst other things, was:
> | <stockholm> so, in summary, can i conclude that you are not really
> |             willing to become lead ftp-master, with some HR
> |             responsibility and coaching new people?

You could have given a quote where i also gave a reason:

14:04 <stockholm> i wanted to know if you could imagine to take
                  bigger responsibility in ftp-masters.
14:04 <stockholm> since elmo is really busy

> And this happened on the 5th of October, which according to my IRC
> logs was during the time you were still calling me on a fairly regular
> basis. 

About once a month.

> You had not talked to me about this at all, in person, on the
> phone, on IRC or by email. 

We talked about tons of stuff. Anthony unloading you was
certainly not my mail thrust. It was just an idea that popped up
and I wanted to follow up on it for completeness. 

> ftp-master in October was certainly not a source of problems in
> any way that could sanely be used to justify replacing me, as
> far as I'm aware.

You were very busy and I knew you and joey had issues and a hard
time working together. In the same IRC conversation I first asked
Anthony about his working relationship with Joey. He would have
been an excellent contact point inside FTP-master to work with
him on e.g. his stable point releases. It would have been an easy
and smooth way to avoid conflicts between you and Joey in that
respect in the future. Unfortunatly I learned that could not work
for personal reasons, either. I think I did not ask Ryan to help
you and Joey out since I knew already from Joey that the two did
not get along so well. I am not sure, though. Have you asked

Why did you not mention this context here? It was in the same log,
and it would have given a more ballanced picture of the
situation. It shows (once again) that I in fact tried to scout
out options for conflict resolution and avoidance.

> So, AFAIC, you were trying to orchestrate an internal coup in
> ftp-master by backroom deals not because the team was fundamentally
> broken or a source of serious problems but because you decided that
> you knew best how that team should be organised.

I knew you and Anthony were buddies. I never expected, let alone
asked Anthony (or Ryan?) to keep this idea a secret from anyone.
If I ever had plotted anything against you, Anthony or Ryan
would certainly have been the worst choice to ask this. This
should give you a hint: I tried to help you (as I said in the
chat), not undermine your position.

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