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Re: question for all candidates

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 10:26:47PM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> > > At that time I emphazised several times that replacing the teams
> > > was only the very last, desperate option, which we were trying to
> > > avoid but for completeness sake had considered along with a
> > > variety of less drastical ones.

> > No. Making somebody a constitutional delegate does precisely one thing - 
> > it gives the DPL the power to fire someone.

> The great majority of people I talked with considered the core
> teams delegates already.

> I would not think that delegates in Debian need to live with the
> fear of being fired. It never happend before. Leaders are happy
> if there are people who do the work. The idea of delegating to
> someone in order to fire him is novel in itself and was certainly
> not on our mind.

> I would like to know if anyone else besides you ever got that
> idea.

Er, I raised this exact objection when these "clarification" delegations
were being discussed.  It was clear from the context, and from what *roles*
people were looking to have delegated, that this was an attempt to exercise
control over certain "problematic" teams: even though the release team
occupies the same ambiguous status in Debian of never having been a formal
DPL delegation, all of the focus was on delegating teams like the security
team because there's a public perception that the release team works well
and that the security team doesn't.

And since the only real control delegation gives is the power of the DPL to
dismiss the delegate, it's not a stretch for someone to think that making
someone a delegate in an area they're already responsible for means you
*want* to fire them.  I cautioned that delegation was only relevant to
improving the functioning of these teams if the plan was to replace the
current team members.

Ultimately, though, it seems we in fact *don't* want to fire these teams,
since this GR didn't come to pass.

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