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Re: GFDL vote... convince me

Brendan O'Dea wrote:
I don't think that's limited to the GFDL.  I'm sure that a large amount
of code is placed under the GPL/LGPL/Artistic/MPL/etc./ad-nauseum
without the author necessarily understanding all the details of the
chosen license.

My favorite is the amap author, who created additional restrictions on top of the GPL and really didn't take any attempt to educate him seriously.

"hmmm so basically I need to edit the LICENSE.GNU file to remove the
license name as well as to remove the "no further restrictions"
paragraph from it?
ok, I will do that then for the next release ...
I never read the GPL I must say :-)

I don't know what that had to do with -vote.
But changing existing licensed works is hard. I'd informed the GIMP Help authors that GFDL docs won't be included in Debian main, but the license still hasn't been changed, presumably because not all of the authors fully understand why the GFDL isn't acceptable in the first place.

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