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Re: GR Proposal 2: Declassification of -private

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: GR Proposal 2: Declassification of -private"):
>         Please feel free to author an amendment that states that the
>  declassification only happens when the author(s)  of the email have
>  explicitly granted permission, then, if you feel so strongly about
>  it. It would round out the options presented to the voters nicely.

In the interests of clear wording and good drafting, it is sometimes
helpful for those of us who enjoy writing these kind of things to help
those who disagree with us.

Or, to put it another way, here is a suggested amendment:


    - requests by the author of a post for that post not to be published
      will be honoured;

 and insert after `the author ... eight weeks to comment;'

    - no messages will be published without the active consent of its
      authors; in messages which are published, quotations from
      authors who do not actively consent will be summarised or
      deleted (at the discretion of the declassification volunteers)
      and the authors' identity erased.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I strongly disagree with this
amendment and much prefer the original text.


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