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Re: GR Proposal 2: Declassification of -private

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:
> I fully agree with Monroe - WHEN an author writes to
> -private, s/he declares his wishes to expect this information to be kept
> confidential and in some countries s/he may have even guaranteed rights.

The proposal guarantees that if an author wishes his/her post(s) to
remain confidential, they will do so. The proposal has a specific
procedure that must be followed to publish any -private message,
either past or future, and the author of the message has a veto for
all of his/her posts.

I don't really see a confidentiality breach problem for anything else
except for those authors who have stopped following Debian related
matters and are no longer reachable via email. And if this is a
problem, then we have the amendment which will enable the procedure
only for future posts.

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