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Re: GR Proposal 2: Declassification of -private

It seems my previous post got lost or ignored. Retrying:

Anthony Towns wrote:
>  * The team will automatically declassify and publish posts made to
>    that list that are three or more years old, with the following
>    exceptions:

I don't think we have any moral right and barely any legal standing
to publish messages which were made to a private mailing list under
the current regime. The veto option doesn't cover this if we have
lost contact with the author(s). Please add:

- for messages posted before this resolution, the author(s) must
consent to republication. Failing that, a commentary or summary
will be posted in place of the message.

>    - the list of posts to be declassified will be made available to
>      developers two weeks before publication [...]

Please replace "made available" with "announced" to indicate the
use of d-d-a and its successors. The declassification team should
not have the option of putting the list in a locked filing cabinet
in an unlit downstairs toilet behind a door signed "beware ...

If these changes were incorporated, I would second it.

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