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Re: GR Proposal: Declassification of -private

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:38:54 +1000, Anthony Towns
<aj@azure.humbug.org.au> said:  

> So, the way I would think it'd work is:

> 	1) team selects one or two months worth of -private posts to
> 	   declassify
> 	2) team goes through the posts, marking any that shouldn't be
> 	   released
> 	3) team sends out mails to authors of posts (which might
> 	   include people whose mails were forwarded to -private, or
> 	   the family of deceased folks, or others) giving them some
> 	   notice of what's going on and time to object
> 	4) team collects responses and makes that info available to
> 	   developers
> 	5) team releases the mails that've been declassified

> Having default answers for whether mails can be released potentially
> reduces (3) and (4), but I would've thought those'd be the most
> easily automatable parts anyway.

>> With the change, the team selects the posts, and can publish them
>> without having to contact their authors, unless a "do not
>> declassify this post" note is present. For these (a certain
>> percentage, X), the team would need to contact the authors if they
>> consider that the post should be published and want them to change
>> their mind. The difference would be that with no reply, it can't be
>> published (with Manoj's amendment; otherwise the team would decide
>> whether to overrule the author).

        I have a question about this process. Suppose some one, Author
 A, made a long post to private, and has indicated that they do not
 want to make the long post public. Now, later in that month, Author
 B, quoted the entirety of Author A's post, with an AOL comment (or a
 more substantive response), and has indicated  they have no objection
 to declassification.

        Does Author A's mail get outed anyway as part of author B's
 response?  In other wrods, shall the declassification committee
 redact quotes in mails the primary author has said is OK to the
 publish, but in the scenario the quoted authors do not wish their
 words to be made public?

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