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Re: Aliases for /dev/null: Clarification about krooger's platform

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
Anthony is the "maintainer" of this package, and has refused either to
allow adoption or a co-maintainer arrangement with interested partes.

This is not the case; in most cases the people complaining about ifupdown have made it very clear they're not interested in co-maintenance.

He has not done a maintainer upload for years.

Though I've done an NMU in the last year.

Developers are required to orphan packages when they are no longer
able to maintain them.  We have a rule in Debian that you cannot force
a developer to do something, but that you must step aside and not
block someone else from doing it in your place.

And the number of NMUs there have been seem like it might indicate that other folks' work has been able to continue. Given I'm also the upstream author of ifupdown I think it's reasonable for me to expect whoever might want to take over maintaining the package to establish a good working relationship with me.

Indeed, I believe he has shown that he is exceedingly poor at

Thanks for posting this 30m before end of campaigning so it can't be addressed with a DPL candidate cap on. Smoothly done.


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