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Re: Aliases for /dev/null: Clarification about krooger's platform

Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> writes:

> Beyond that... since you've not actually stated any technical issues,
> and since the maintainer of that package is one of the DPL candidates, I
> think you should make an effort to be clear about what you're saying here.

This is a different question, and I apologize for linking the two

Anthony is the "maintainer" of this package, and has refused either to
allow adoption or a co-maintainer arrangement with interested partes.
He has not done a maintainer upload for years.  

Developers are required to orphan packages when they are no longer
able to maintain them.  We have a rule in Debian that you cannot force
a developer to do something, but that you must step aside and not
block someone else from doing it in your place.  Anthony has not been
willing to in this case.

Indeed, I believe he has shown that he is exceedingly poor at
time-management.  I believe that as DPL he would simply be taking on a
series of new tasks and I have no confidence that he would actually do
them, any more than he maintains ifupdown.

One of the key questions for me is: how well does this person do the
jobs they are doing now?  Some jobs I believe Anthony does very well
indeed: I believe he is good at ftpmaster, and I think he did a great
job as release manager in the past.  But as maintainer of ifupdown
(and some other packages as well) he does a miserable job, and worse,
shows no awareness that he is doing a miserable job.

I note the difference here between him and Branden Robinson.  Branden
has also done a miserable job with some of the things he has taken on
in the past, but he freely admits this, and does what he can to pass
the task on to others.


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